Function request-Switch of/off function for verify code

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Function request-Switch of/off function for verify code

Postby talentl998 » Sun Jun 28, 2020 1:45 am

hi, I am using Lastpass for Chrome extenstion on Win10 PC.
In some websites I am using, if I enable the autofill function of Lastpass, it will also remember the verify code and autofill it as well.
Problem 1:
But the verify code will change to a new one everytime I open the site, so I should delete the autofill verify code and type new one manally.
Problem 2:
Even if I delete the autofilled verify code. For this site, lastpass will remember the new verify code I typed and :o without any notify.

Is it possible for lastpass to add a function about whether remember the verify code for one site.
Many thanks!
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