Chrome ext search is very slow/awful

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Chrome ext search is very slow/awful

Postby romeshseni764 » Sat Jun 27, 2020 7:17 am

I am providing my feedback as I use LastPass everyday, and quite rely on it. I really like LastPass but one thing that totally ditches my :cry: :x experiences/UX/a pain :oops: :oops: is the search functionality in the extension. It just really :o awful and very slow. The search option re-queries each and everytime when a new query/term is typed, which results to a delay of about 2-7 second on each and every search query.

On top of it, if the search query/term is the same as the previous search phrase, Lastpass does a whole re-query which again that takes as much time as the previous query, which means there is no caching.

Most modern softwares packages (such as VSCode, sublime etc) have instant search results with fuzzy search and caching so I don't know what stopping the LastPass dev team in getting this in chrome extension.

If the dev can rework the search funcationlity much like sublimeText, VSCode (or better still "Command Pallete in sublime text" (based on codemirror)), it would take the UX to a whole new level and slow migration to DashLane, 1Password etc . Additionally, if the dev can introduce keyboard shortcuts based on first letter of the options in the extension dropdown when "Alt" key is pressed (much like in MS office) Pls see the img in the following link: ... jMXPSeLlBq

Hope some dev/moderator can look into the above feedback/suggestions and get this implemented ASAP, may be partially if not all, for example search results caching.

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