Manage identities is an awful experience

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Manage identities is an awful experience

Postby ShouldHavePassed » Sun Jun 14, 2020 3:46 pm

Imagine this use case: I want to create an identity that is all of my credentials except a small minority (call them extra sensitive or whatever). As best I can tell, the process is:

* Add new identity
* Drag *every single* identity from "available items" to "selected items"
* Hit save

Maybe this doesn't sound so bad, but it is an extremely painful process if you have 100s of identities. The worst part is that I I stop and check something else while doing this painfully boring process, LastPass may log me out and I will need to start from scratch. It's such a half baked and annoying process. It's like the intern who coded this never thought users of LastPass may have more than 10 passwords.

Suggestions: Add a feature to copy an identity (e.g. copy the "All" identity so I can start from something useful and then exclude the items I want removed).
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