Improve language syntax & UX

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Improve language syntax & UX

Postby imstarboard » Mon Sep 16, 2019 9:07 am

Someone please contacte me directly - I have a constructive list of improvements that absolutely need to be fixed in LastPass.

For this post, I want to say that even trained users get confused about what they are doing because of the UX of your popups.

When you change a password (in Chrome browser), the popup indicates that you are updating the password, then gives you an update button, but then there is a link (that you can't tell is a link) that indicates that you can save a new site. Not only does that cause some users to not click the update button because they are afraid of saving multiple entries for the same site which causes them to not save the new password. If for some reason they click the save a new site link, they have 2 passwords where one works and one doesn't which really confuses people. Honestly, a percentage of our help desk's job is dedicated to de-mystifying the lastpass change password experience and "talking people down off of the ledge" with how angry they are with LastPass at times. It really doesn't have to be like that.
Additionally, they get even more confused when the second site saved is called "saved generated password".

Additionally, please design the experience to be the same in the different browsers. Not somewhat similar, make them the same. I know, the graphical experience will have a different "feel", but the language, the layout, when you have to click and when you don't - they all must be the same or people get confused, then they get angry at LastPass.

Please, please, please, please set up a focus group of business users, and not just milenails, but office workers and some middle-aged people as well, and have your UX people - NOT YOUR ENGINEERS - have your UX people sit in on it and then make simple yet critical changes to the UX so users get less confused. It's not only these things
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