Minor UI Bug in PW Gen Form "Show Options" button text

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Minor UI Bug in PW Gen Form "Show Options" button text

Postby GoodSamaritan » Wed Sep 11, 2019 2:42 pm

Steps to recreate:

1. Navigate to a password input box and click the LastPass autofill icon on the right of the box, this will open the autofill form
2. In the autofill form, click the password generator icon (padlock w/ circle arrow symbol) in the top-right corner of the form to open the p/w generator form
3. In password generator form, click "Show options" to expand the form, the button text then changes to "Hide Options"
4. From here there are two ways (that I've tried) to recreate the bug:
a. Click the password generator icon (top-right), this will "reset" the pw generator form
i. Click the magnifying glass icon (top-left), this will open the search form
ii. Then click the "X" button to the right of the search input field
iii. Click the pw generator icon again to return to the pw generator form

Note that the options are hidden, yet the button still says "Hide Options" and clicking the button shows the options then changes the text to "Show Options"

Obviously, this is a super low-priority, low-severity bug that won't impact users in any significant way whatsoever. But I did notice it so I thought I'd point it out.
Yes, I'm bored and have nothing to do, so I spent 20 minutes writing this detailed bug report... and this is probably not the right place for it anyway :roll: :lol:
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