Permission Logins

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Permission Logins

Postby deleter000 » Tue Aug 20, 2019 9:05 am

It used to be so simple to login to LastPass. Now I get this message about LP needing my permission to ... and the rest becomes gibberish after having to agree to it for about 25 times already. Why? I agree, it sends me to the website, where I have to login, then I'm back where I started. This has to be done the next time I start my browser. Why? How many times must I agree to the BS? Not that the agreement is BS, but why do I have to agree every time I want to login? Was LP not paying attention the first 25 times I agreed? Or is it because I am not a premium user? Now that would make sense! Drive the user batty until he or she breaks down and buys. More then likely I would just find another half descent PW manager. However, I like LP. I'm conflicted here. How many others are {keeping it nice here} not happy? :twisted:
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