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Firefox extension: 2 usability issues (or bugs)

PostPosted: Fri Aug 16, 2019 8:17 am
by ozh

Two annoying things with the Firefox extension (didn't try other browsers)

1) Search unexpectedly resets

Steps to reproduce:
- using the firefox extension, click home / all items
- search for a term, eg "amazon", to display all matching passwords
- delete a password : the displayed list resets, while the search box still contains "amazon". The displayed list should NOT reset, unless the user manually resets the search input field

2) Select / Deselect multiple passwords

When selecting multiple passwords, if you click somewhere on the window (like, you miss by 2 pixels the Action button to delete or share the selected passwords...), the selection clears. Very infuriating.
There lacks an option to select / deselect all / none, which should be the ONLY way to clear your selection

Other than this, no other problem found after 2 days of extensive use. Overall very pleased.