Search results lost after launching site

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Search results lost after launching site

Postby sschweit508 » Thu Aug 15, 2019 10:27 am

Seeing a new issue affecting Search My Vault within a LastPass tab (both Chrome and FireFox) after the latest LastPass version update adding category buttons to the left rail. When I perform a search to filter down on items in my vault, launch one of those items and login into the site using LastPass to provide my credentials, and then I return to the LastPass tab to select another item from the search results, the search results are lost and show everything again. Previous preferred behavior maintained these search results, and I could repeatedly launch any of the items from the search results. Now I need to update the text in the search to reinitialize the search results. I have over 500 items in LastPass and use the search functionality a lot so it was immediately apparent this was new behavior.
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