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Lost generated password

PostPosted: Sun Aug 11, 2019 9:25 pm
by tumtum
This happens to me all too often: Generate a password for a site and lastpass fails to record it. Now I have an account with and I don't know the password. Here are the steps that got me here.

Reserved a car. In the process I was given the option to enter a password.
I selected "generate secure password" and got lastpass dialog.
I clicked on "copy" icon to copy password to clipboard _just_in_case_
Watch for the lastpass dialog for saving the site. Does not appear.
OK, I'll just create a new site.
Dialog comes up, with reasonable values.
Paste password in and discover there is no password on the clipboard.

OK, now I have to go through the "I lost my password" routine.

I _usually_ copy the generated password to some text editor where I see and know it exists.
I was hoping that LP got this sequence correct. Or at least I would have the password on the clipboard. Neither workd.
So back to saving to text editor where I can verify I have a copy of the password just in case.

(I did the password reset, saved password to the LP site, but now LP can't save that site. Two failures with "worry, this request is taking longer than normal". That is not normal. I've now saved the password to a clear text file on my desktop. Fortunately, it is a low security site.)

Mostly, LP is great and I tell my friends who constantly forget their passwords to use it. I've tollerated these oddities because I know that programming to interact with all the different sites out there must be tricky. But too many time's I've lost passwords by trusting LP to remember them - like it says it will. This is one part of LP which is a repeating pain point.