Search not resetting

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Search not resetting

Postby dtowell » Mon Jul 15, 2019 11:25 am

Search and delete create a poor/confusing/painful UX. Perform the following steps to observe:
1) search for a site/account
2) delete a site/account entry using trashcan icon
3) wait for notification bar to disappear (or click 'x')
4) observe search is apparently still active, but the list is NOT filtered
To reapply the filter, in case you want to delete others as well, you must first 'X' the search bar and RETYPE the search. (Focusing and pressing enter doesn't even work.) This UX is broken and needs help. Ideally it would continue to apply the search automatically after the delete (I realize this is "hard"). Alternatively, removing the search term would at least be correct.
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