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Annual renewal notice

PostPosted: Tue Jul 09, 2019 3:09 pm
I just got my "Your upcoming LastPass renewal" email, which triggered my annual "is LastPass the best option?" product comparison. (Once again, the answer is "I dunno, but there's nothing that's obviously better.")

However, I work for a subscription platform, so I have strong opinions on subscription ethics, and the fact that LastPass emailed me a reminder *30-days* in advance is *far* better than most any subscription services.

No doubt, you've had discussions about how that email will affect churn vs. refunds/complaints (see also: my first sentence above), but you made the right decision for your customers. That's enough to convince me that I should stick with LastPass. We need more trustworthy and ethical companies in the subscription space, and it's particularly valuable with companies that I'm trusting with my security. Thanks for getting this right.