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I can't stand it anymore!

PostPosted: Wed Jun 12, 2019 7:51 pm
by Tigrisan
I've been told repeatedly that the problems I'm experiencing are caused by a corrupted profile on Chrome. I make a new profile, some things in Lastpass work, most still don't and when I report that, I'm again told the new profile must be corrupt. Make a new one. It can't be my profile! My husband uses Chrome with his own profile and experiences the exact same problems I'm having.

No longer able to auto fill anything
No longer asking to save new username/passwords/sites
No way to add new sites, at least that I can find
Search function doesn't deliver any results or nothing relevant to what I looked for
Every single payment card gives an Unable To Fill message

It has become a useless thing that costs too much money to continue with. I want the old style back! It worked. I had no problems with it. Why do they always have a need to fix what isn't broken???

Give Me Back The Previous Version!!