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Re: Form fill

Postby ronaldbernier865 » Sun Sep 29, 2019 7:35 am

herb967 Wrote:Reading 10 pages of users angry about you destroying your product by getting rid of form fills and its pretty clear you really don't want our business.

What is really sad is the fact that there is not a single response from LogMeIn (the company that chose to mangle Lastpass), but the forum moderator (who by the way has repeatedly claimed that he doesn't work for Lastpass) keeps insisting that form fill isn't broken, this is the way that LogMeIn decided to go. You can say a thousand times that Form Fill isn't broken, but the bottom line is that using Form Fill today is much more convoluted than what is was before the geniuses at LogMeIn decided to destroy it. In fact, Lastpass in general is much less intuitive than what is was before LogMeIn put their hands on the product.
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Re: Form fill

Postby podegard540 » Thu Oct 31, 2019 11:16 pm

My form fill profile data is all over the place. I have 7 entries now that was one before and I have to sort through all of the junk to find what I want. This was a huge time saver before is now the biggest waste of time. Lastpass is going down the tubes. Secure - Yes, but usability is declining. When I signed up for a new site and create a random password, I have to do it 6 times to get it right. I've been a user for 6 years and its not a user error issue. The tool is being less usable. Come on LogMeIn, don't screw up a good product.
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