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Account delete

PostPosted: Wed Jan 16, 2019 5:09 pm
by cafate147
Even if you delete your account, your info (email) still available into the forum.
I deleted my account yet I got notified that someone replayed to a Thread in the forum. That means my info was not completed deleted.

Another fun fact. Lastpass still keep info about you. I needed re-register with the same email (BTW you don't need e-mail confirmation) just to remove that damn "thread watch feature in this forum".... in the process I could delete the stupid notification AND find out that my premium time left was still associated with e-mail address. IF someone use your e-mail address to register (and he doesn't even need to do an e-mail confirmation) the person can use the premium time left.

Suggestion: next time someone ask to delete the account. Delete for real ALL the info about the account from your database including forum...