Exteremely Dissatisfied With LastPass Teams Support

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Exteremely Dissatisfied With LastPass Teams Support

Postby bhumphrey42 » Wed Nov 28, 2018 12:53 pm


I am the IT Administrator at a mid-size construction company. We have been evaluating LastPass Teams under the trial period. The first set of shared folders we created did not sync between users. When working with support, we deleted the folders. We, to this day, are unable to re-create them with the same names.

The support experience has been terrible. I've spent two weeks back and forth in support tickets trying to make 3 folders. Support staff would reply to my tickets without reading prior notes and give me repeated or incorrect information. My request to speak with a phone support staff member went ignored.

Please re-evaluate your support infrastructure, as given my experience thus-far, I can not rely on your product for use in our company.

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Re: Exteremely Dissatisfied With LastPass Teams Support

Postby slyfox777 » Sun Jan 06, 2019 8:56 pm

This has been my experience as well, not on teams but just a shared entry with a co-worker. He updates it, nothing shows up on mine, i updated the shared note i shared with him and he doesnt get it. I put in a ticket in August about this then was told it was reported as a bug and then i asked about it again in Dec 2018, its still an outstanding bug, how could something so important be left as a bug. Fix this please!
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