The auto-login attempt at unlock on Android is annoying!

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The auto-login attempt at unlock on Android is annoying!

Postby Duckofdeath » Fri Nov 16, 2018 11:28 am

I'm temporarily moving my last pass to a spare phone while my normal phone is in for repair. Naturally I have to log in on my new phone, but I unfortunately changed my master password very recently and seems to have forgotten it. While trying to remember it the power saver on the new phone disables the screen after a few seconds and every time I turn it on again Last PAss automatically tries to log in with the wrong password I've entered, meaning I spend 2 attempts on each attempt. This obviously locked my account making the whole process a nuisance as I now have to sit and wait for the account lock time-out to expire....

Long story short, can you please change the app login feature on Android to not automatically send the login info when turning on the screen?
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