Mac LastPass Search uses poor search logic (LP Enterprise)

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Mac LastPass Search uses poor search logic (LP Enterprise)

Postby MacLpAppUser » Thu Oct 25, 2018 3:06 am

The search in the mac app could be greatly improved. If you put multiple words into the search, those words must be in exactly the same order in the lastpass site or note in order to get a 'hit' or beneficial search result. This is not an effective search formula at all. You should make the search such that sites/notes are displayed that contain *all* the words entered into the search field, in *any order*. This is more aligns with searches people are accustomed to in Google and the like. There is virtually no high quality search in any product I've seen where one has to put the exact words, in the exact order as the result with no change. Example:
If I have a last pass site called "Big Brown Cat" and I put "Big Cat" into the LP search field, I will not find this result. The only way to find the result is to put "Big Brown" or "Big Brown Cat". This is terrible from a practical perspective. Another example "Domain Admin", if I type " admin" into the search it would not find this result. It makes the search useless, and there may as well be no search. I have to use only one word searches like "admin" then see every customer, and sort through them all to find the domain admin I want. For what it's worth I happened to have designed a product that performs searches (, I hope you will take my input seriously and pass along to product team. I've found it's these Achilles heel misses that really take LastPass down for me.
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