LastPass Safari Extension simply does not work.

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LastPass Safari Extension simply does not work.

Postby MarsExpress » Sun May 13, 2018 1:46 pm

LastPass extension simply does not work with Safari version 11.1

I have been reading the comments and this problem appears to have started summer 2017, on earlier versions of Safari, and continues unfixed to THIS DAY....

I do not know whether Apple are blocking LastPass in Safari or whether LastPass have a useless extension which they cannot fix...

1. I have LastPass extension installed as an extension in Safari 11.1. The icon shows in the tool bar.

2. I click in the icon, and am invited to log in (I have already created my LastPass account). I log in.

3. I need to import my Safari passwords into LastPass.

4. I click on More Options/Advanced/Import...

5. It invites me to log in AGAIN. Why? I am already logged in (see step 2) It does not offer my login ID. Why? I am registered. I log in again!

6. It responds, after a noticeable wait, with "This can only be run if you're logged in to LastPass in the add-on or if you're on the website and using https" WHY?? I am already logged in (see steps 2 and 5) Why does LastPass offer to 'import', and then say I cannot run
'import' because I am not logged in? Why did it offer to import, then?

You must be getting my drift, by now. It is completely stuffed.

It also offers 'Go To My Vault" - whist claiming I am not logged in. How can I go to my vault if I am not logged in?

7. I go to my vault. I am back where I was in step 3. Again I am offered More Options/Advanced/Import..

8. This time (!) instead of inviting me to log in AGAIN, it shows an IMPORT page, and asks me to 'select'. I select 'Safari Password Manager' and then UPLOAD.

9. It then shows a window which says "Passwords from Safari Password Manager can't be imported from this page"

What do they mean - 'this page' - I made a selection from a LastPass menu!

"Instead, install the LastPass Safari extension, then go to - Tools - Import and choose Safari Password Manager." Which is what I have just done. Twice.

10. What is also interesting is that if you examine the 'vault', there IS NOTHING THERE LABELLED TOOLS.

11. What there is, is ...More Options/Advanced/Import... but if you go there you end up in this endless cycle of utter, endless nonsence.

12. It seems to me that LastPass do not know their own product and appear to have no intention of getting it to work on Safari, or....

13. ...Apple have worked successfully to block it.

14. Does anybody disagree?
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Re: LastPass Safari Extension simply does not work.

Postby jorhett » Sat May 26, 2018 1:18 pm

Plus the following:

  • Password generator resets to 12 chars, no special chars every time you leave it
  • When you generate a password CMD-C will not copy it, but instead replaces it with a previously generated password (which is still never copied to the clipboard)
    -- you have to right-click on the password and choose Copy to get it into the clipboard
  • Generated passwords are not saved when used, you have to manually create the entry yourself
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Re: LastPass Safari Extension simply does not work.

Postby pcalhoun1948 » Mon Jun 04, 2018 12:26 pm

I'm right there with you. I follow the instructions and end up with nothing. I'm not going to pay for a subscription service if it doesn't work.
Very frustrating for such simple programming instructions.
I'm keeping an eye out to see if they get this fixed.
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Re: LastPass Safari Extension simply does not work.

Postby pdashford » Mon Jun 18, 2018 5:54 am

Same issue here. When I click import it takes me to the webpage import which says I need to use the add-in. I have lots of passwords stored and don't get the option in sites with lastpass installed.
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Re: LastPass Safari Extension simply does not work.

Postby ian391 » Thu Oct 18, 2018 10:35 am

I'm launching Lastpass teams in my company and I'm about to train people how to use the password generator when I realised it's mostly broken. Seeing the same as @jorhett here.
The generator is an important part of the lastpass plugin in Safari so I'm surprised to see bugs of this nature not being fixed. Lastpass support can you give an update here that you are aware of this problem?
Safari 12.0/ LP extension
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Re: LastPass Safari Extension simply does not work.

Postby reg767298 » Fri Oct 19, 2018 10:31 am

There seems to be many issues with Safari, inconsistent results cause me some concern. If they cannot seem to figure out the basics of an extension used with a mainstream browser, what else may be flawed - security? This is really disappointing .
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