constantly loses server connection

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constantly loses server connection

Postby finalpass457 » Wed Apr 11, 2018 3:20 pm

Lastpass constantly loses connection to your server regardless of browser used or device used. Are there any plans to fix the ongoing connectivity problem?
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Re: constantly loses server connection

Postby JustTodd » Thu Apr 12, 2018 8:36 pm

I am experiencing the same thing on my Windows 10 Pro machine, using Edge extension, Edge without extension, and Firefox. Plus the same thing happened on a Win 7 machine with IE at the library. What gives?
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Re: constantly loses server connection

Postby annish33 » Fri Apr 13, 2018 1:54 am

I am as well, on both Chrome and Firefox extensions, on my home network, a friend's network, and public Wi-Fi, either through a VPN or without. So I'm pretty sure it's not an problem on my end.
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Re: constantly loses server connection

Postby pate » Sat Apr 28, 2018 2:19 pm

I have the same:
Work nor home works good.

I even have problems when I login to their website editing / viewing my account WITHOUT any addon in browser. Tested with Firefox, Edge, Chrome and even Internet Explorer (10 and 11).

I opened a ticket and the last response looked like:
Would it be possible to export all data in this account, then create a new account and re-import all data.
Better: transfer all data into a new account (without manual export and import).
For this: would it be possible to change the e-mail-address of the old and create a new account with the same address as the old account used to have?

Yes, it is possible for you to export your vault and import it into the same email after recreating it. However, it looks like the error is effecting most LastPass users. Performing an export/import and recreating your account is unneeded if you're going to face the same issue.

If you still wish to proceed with these steps, see the following:
1. Exporting your vault -
2. Deleting and recreating your account -
3. Importing - ... nagers/#h2

Hope this helps.

Before that, I was told to use the Chrome Developer Tools to monitor the server responses and multiple times, I've seen HTTP Code 500 (which means: Server Error ... just google it).
And as the support guy said: "However, it looks like the error is effecting most LastPass users", it seems to be a permanent error...

My problem is: I can't directly save new data (every time I get an error on first try, and sometimes it works after the third or forth try, getting the error-message like "Error" or "something went wrong"). Sometimes it creates multiple duplicate entries and editing afterwards also takes a few times.

The only good thing is: I'm not alone with my problems...
The bad thing is: .... well, it is not working...
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Re: constantly loses server connection

Postby varter » Fri Jul 20, 2018 9:09 am

This has been a problem for a very long time (a year or more). Every single support person has you re-install. It's insane. I even re-installed Windows once. Really ticks me off and almost sent me back to Dashlane. Multiple computers. Multiple OS version tries (Win 10), every browser in existence. Ever different kind of network and internet connection I could think of. Same thing. Then suddenly it stays logged in and I don't get the error on anything but Chrome. So I'm living without Chrome. Seems iffy on Edge. But Chrome. If I open it, log back in to LastPass, do some stuff, close Chrome, and one second later re-open Chrome, the LP box is black again and gives me errors. Seriously painful.
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Re: constantly loses server connection

Postby maxwelloau835 » Tue Dec 25, 2018 10:21 pm

Yes also happening to me. Initial connection to the lastpass server seems exceptionally slow and random for approx 1 month or more and seems to be getting worse,
often after connected the message shows the connection ie red padlock then a short time later it goes yellow and appears to have no connection. Each time closing and opening the browser it needs a new login when preferences are set to not close the connection except on expiry of time like 444 minutes.

Happens on multiple browsers and multiple computers. Not a good service anymore lastpass.
Network connection is verified 100Mb/s fibre and there are no other network isses or lack of performance.
Other web sites and pages all flowing perfectly.

Just Lastpass wont either initial login or stay logged in.
This points to the app extension or the server with so many others having the same problems.

EDIT:1again I deleted the extension from chrome, cleaned everything, reinstalled the extension and now cant login for love nor money! Lastpass this is a joke!

EDIT2: deleted the *.suid files and tried again, now its working again and appears to be connecting to the server just fine. Why is this all so hard and not user friendly?

As originally a loyal paying customer years ago it is just getting worse and worse as each year goes by! Now I an NOT a paying customer as it is not worth the hassle to pay for a product and then spend so much time swearing at the screen. Please fix problems and get your SH** together as we
australians say. Although that seems to be a forlorn hope these days!
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Re: constantly loses server connection

Postby maxwelloau835 » Thu Dec 27, 2018 3:21 am

Edit 2 to my post.
Removing the IE lastpass disconnect options appears to have also fixed the connection while using the chrome extension. these seem interactive between them in the remain connection department and are not totally seperate as implied.
when has one ot other installed only then likely it will work as expected but when both are installed and one is set differently from the other it appears they are linked and affect each other. Weird shit, why not put a warning or note next to the option in preferences!!!! Maybe Lastpass dont even know about this?

Now i have disabled the IE pluging disconnect options the Chrome extension is working perfecrtly. Way overdue for sure and why i never related these together as i thought the IE was a program and would only affect the program version, while the chrome was assumed to be only inside chrome! Well wrong it seems.
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