LastPass Has Become Pathetic

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LastPass Has Become Pathetic

Postby ClintonGallagher » Sat Nov 04, 2017 10:24 pm

I don't feel good about nagging when using the free edition of software but I have come to really depend on LastPass. The WebExtension API has been developed to allow write-once extensions and deploy the extension to all browsers that support WebExtensions; which is basically FireFox, FireFox Developer Edition, Chrome and others.

I don't know how reliable WebExtension actually is or what the problem may be developing an extension.

All I do know is LastPass has not released a WebExtension meaning we web developers using FireFox Developer Edition cannot do our jobs when we cannot access our passwords. LastPass has in so many words told us to go to hell with nothing but shallow promises to deliver a WebExtension :evil:

LastPass has become a pathetic reminder of a company that rests on its laurels. This is a sign of a company that may be ready to go belly up. LastPass users deserve an explanation and a reliable time schedule not shallow promises and lies.
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Re: LastPass Has Become Pathetic

Postby jpenny84 » Sun Nov 05, 2017 1:44 am

If LastPass wasn't developing an extension for Firefox 57 and beyond, then a beta wouldn't exist. ... x-57.html/
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Re: LastPass Has Become Pathetic

Postby ClintonGallagher » Sun Nov 05, 2017 1:37 pm

A.) Now is not the time to pose as a sycophant this is serious business.

B.) I (we) have been advised of beta.

C.) It is not uncommon for company's to keep their product(s) in Beta for many, many, many months and more than a YEAR in fact.


E.) Bugs in Beta software can and have wiped out all passwords and the company such as LastPass says "Whoopsie daisy" please read the hold harmless agreement you agreed to when installing our software.

F.) This link [1] CLEARLY states LastPass announced the WebExtension "SEVERAL MONTHS AGO."

G.) As I stated I have no hands-on developing a WebExtension HOWEVER I have been developing web apps DAY ONE since the mid 1990s and know from experience WE ARE BEING SPOOFED because it should not take months to develop a WebExtension. I dare say other experienced software developers would tend to agree. WHY DO YOU THINK THEY ARE TELLING US TO USE A DIFFERENT BROWSER? I remind all that Mozilla has the best documentation in the business bar none and a serious timely update release cycle which is why it is chosen so frequently by web developers who have serious work to get done. My apology to shout but the facts are what they are and shouting is the only way to help the deniers HEAR SOMETHING IS GOING ON HERE. SOMETHING THAT IS NOT RIGHT. SOMETHING THAT SMELLS.

H.) That "something" I allude to is I suspect based on my experience and the apparent fact that LastPass probably has an incompetent mickey mouse project manager controlling the development of the WebExtension for FireFox browsers. He/She is likely shining some shoes and kissing posteriors and will not release the WebExtension for FireFox browsers until the development team that does the real work also finishes their binary as referenced at [2] so He/She Mr/Ms Incompetent can play the hero internally while the rest of us are being fed his/her ca-ca de toro.

He/She Mr/Ms Incompetent Project Manager brings shame on the developers that actually do the work and must answer to a boob. LastPass users hear me out this is the real world and how company's products lose their credibility within and in the marketplace.

I.) If you are willing to risk losing all of your passwords I close in asking two things

1) Ask yourself why the page at [1] asks you to debug the Beta and remember this IS AT YOUR RISK OF YOUR MOST VALUABLE DATA ASSETS

2) Go along to get along sycophants never affect positive change. Nothing personal jpenney84 but we users of LastPast have to put it all on the line as I am telling the company to fish or cut bait and get the WebExtension debugged and released as a reliable extension.

I (we) know LastPass developers can. So just DO IT AND STOP WITH THE MARKETING BULLSHITTING. PLEASE.

[1] ... x-57.html/

[2] Our current binary installer cannot talk to the beta WebExtension yet, so features requiring the binary component (like handling attachments) are currently disabled. You can still use those features in other browsers.

P.S. For those who may not understand; the WebExtension API has been developed so vendors can write one extension that runs in all browsers that support the WebExtension API. This means by default and by specification a WebExtension that runs in Chrome or another supporting browser is supposed to run in FireFox which supports the WebExtenstion API. More food for thought about how we are being SPOOFED and why I believe the release of the WebExtension that runs in Firefox is purposefully being held back so it can be released when the binary is completed.


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Re: LastPass Has Become Pathetic

Postby Bud » Tue Nov 07, 2017 7:01 pm

jpenny84 Wrote:If LastPass wasn't developing an extension for Firefox 57 and beyond, then a beta wouldn't exist. ... x-57.html/

What is also pathetic is that you use the same lame comment over and over anytime someone has a legitimate gripe with Lastpass regarding how they have not prepared. They have had two years since web extensions were announced by firefox for future plans and one year since it was officially dead-lined.
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Re: LastPass Has Become Pathetic

Postby allanonmage372 » Sun Nov 12, 2017 6:13 pm

Top comment on the blog post is "This thing keeps uninstalling itself when I shut down and restart my PC. What the hell?"

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