Stored Passwords

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Stored Passwords

Postby jhbaker1835 » Wed Oct 11, 2017 7:27 pm

I installed Last Pass ten minutes ago and it showed all passwords stored for the websites I use. I went to the website to my doctor and it placed the password into the field and the site would not take it. wrong username/email/or password entered. I have the password written down but for some reason it will not take it now since I installed Last Pass on my computer. Many of people may find this program useful but not for me. This was an emergency email I needed to send and the website doesn't have a number to call to reset the password and now I will have to wait until Monday to call the doctors office to get sign back up again and to type in all information over again which will be nine pages long. It would be much better for people needing to know their passwords is to write them down alone with the sites name and zip them with a password they can remember easy and not use a program. Now I will have to wait four days to get this email sent to them so he will know the emergency I have. :x :?:
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