Price double for Premium users

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Re: Price double for Premium users

Postby Nikilet » Tue Oct 17, 2017 7:05 pm

MallocArray Wrote:I'm not a fan of the price increase for Premium users. I've been a fan of LastPass for years and a Premium user for many of them. I had wanted to use it on mobile and Windows and have 2 factor. I'm not sharing any items with multiple users and I don't need an encrypted file storage option. The features I had originally purchased Premium for are now available for Free, but I still wanted to support the company and $1/month was not unreasonable.

From my perspective, I am now facing a price increase that doubles the price and offers no new features that I will be utilizing, so I will be seriously considering dropping down to Free, rather than pay a 100% increase for very little gain.

I understand it helps make Familes plans more appealing when it is equal to the cost of 2xPremium accounts, but it feels like a money grab to increase Premium, rather than price Families at 4x the original Premium price.

I am reading this topic by accident, and I'm glad something directed me to it. I had no idea the price was going to double. If that is the case I will be going back to the free version or perhaps changing altogether. I also am not sharing any items with multiple users and don't need or want an encrypted file storage option.

All the bugs aren't out of the program either because tho I have my vault marked to open when I log in, it doesn't. And often when I click on the icon it takes forever before it will open. Maybe the problem is with the browser extension only and I sure wish whoever is responsible for that would get it working right.

And while I'm on the subject, tho I mostly love LastPass, I don't like the complete lack of response one gets in this forum.
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Re: Price double for Premium users

Postby ihartley » Wed Oct 18, 2017 8:10 am

Well hurrah, Families is eventually launched! I still don't understand the pricing because now I can get 6 Premium accounts for twice the increased single user price.

Still a price hike but now I can pretend its only $16/user for my 3 person family. Had you just increased the price to $18 for premium and, say $15/user for families probably no-one would have blinked.

I'm sure LP staff read this thread - you will note that everyone upset about the price hike are loyal customers that love your product. They should have been your sales team for the new Families, but I'm not sure they are still your biggest supporters.
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Re: Price double for Premium users

Postby donniem938 » Wed Oct 18, 2017 10:10 am

I just recently found out about this price increase. Lastpass can keep bothering me with popups for their Family share whatever, but can't tell me that they've doubled the price. This, plus the poor performance in the last few versions of Firefox is making me switch to Bitwarden. That's how ticked off I am, I still have about 9 months left on my subscription and I'm giving it up.
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Re: Price double for Premium users

Postby SiBu » Wed Oct 18, 2017 12:56 pm

lp750 Wrote:Oh FFS you people are seriously complaining about $24 a year? How many times a day do you use LP? 10, 20, 50, 100? How many other apps are more vital to what you do every day. Does LP regularly crap out and leave you hosed w/out your passwords in critical times - or does it work 99.999% of the time?

Now with that in mind - think real hard about the other software you use and pay money for. Think about the $$ you pay vs the value it gives you. I'll bet you pay more than $24/yr on some crappy software that you're not really happy with - but you've decided even though you don't really like it, and theres not really anything else, don't feel like switching, so you pay the money. It is "worth it" based on your personal maybe subconscience cost/benefit calculation. In that context - you know LP offers much more benefit for the cost.

Now, think of the people who write this code. Imagine you and a bunch of other devs wrote this code. If you had the skillz to write and maintain this critical (we're not flappy bird here, there is a lot of pressure if this code sucks) software - what do you think you're salary would be? What would be you're market rate and what would it take for LP/LMI to retain you? Now think of the team you would need and what they would need to be paid. If you were responsible for paying that team - what do you think you'd want to charge for this software?

Now I know LP is part of big corp now with dumb execs and a board who wants profit and whatnot, but they still gotta pay the people writing the code, and those people have kids to feed and want their market rate.

Look - the problem is you people are comparing LP price to other "free" software. You don't like paying for software, everything should be free, F the capitalist patriarchy, bring it all down etc etc - I get it. I don't work for LP or LMI and honestly I'm not even a big fan of capitalism - I'm just a user that knows the value (to me) of the software I use and I'd rather pay for it in cash than have it payed for some other way.

Which brings up another point - don't be so short sighted. Think about a world where all software is free. I hate to tell you - but in that world - and EVERY other world - somebody is getting paid and someone is paying. If you're getting software for free (or unusually cheap) guess what: you're not the customer - you're the product. Be smart - pay money for your software. Don't make them sell YOU to get their cash.

And for those of you who say F it, you're going to drop LP and go to some other tool - good luck. I've looked myself and the only thing that provides close to the features/functionality is 1Password - which at $50 is 2x LP's new price. From where I sit it looks like LP is actually really underpriced, even at $24/year.

Your berating tone would make sense if LastPass was the only player in town - it is NOT. There are far better programs around now - for LESS money or even free.

For example I switched to Bitwarden as soon as the announcement was made. It is infinitely better than LastPass and I for one am grateful they jacked up the price. It gave me a chance to open my eyes and find something better, I truly wish I had found Bitwarden ages ago.

I now pay $10/year for functionality LastPass can only dream of, such as 2FA for all my sites. The auto fill works better on my Android and Chrome browser, it looks clean, has no fluff and is constantly being improved.

You go pay $24 to the extortion practises of LogMeIn - but don't try to convince others that there aren't any other choices!
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I won't be renewing

Postby Nikilet » Thu Oct 19, 2017 3:02 am

I will not be renewing LastPass on my renewal date in December. Not for $24 a year. Just want you to know.
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Re: Price double for Premium users

Postby wandadorff » Thu Oct 19, 2017 1:12 pm

I have just been autorenewed and didn't know the price has doubled. :o I am very unhappy, have cancelled my autorenew and will go elsewhere next year or just manage passwords myself like i did before. There are some problems with LastPass, like it keeps adding sites that you already have and then you don't know which one is the most up to date. When it tells me I have a password used for more than one site it won't let me bring up another site by entering the text, I have to bring the vault up.

Anyway, extremely unhappy but have one suggestion:- Why don't you suggest a donation to your free users with a few stats. Maybe some people want to donate but don't really know how much to give.
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Re: Price double for Premium users

Postby ihartley » Thu Oct 19, 2017 3:02 pm

lp750 Wrote:Oh FFS you people are seriously complaining about $24 a year? .

No-one is complaining about the software. They're complaining because the price has doubled, it was hidden from users - YES hidden - who then got stung (illegally in the UK at least) by the auto-renewal. I told my wife she must have gone to a fake site because it was asking for $24!

The relationship between LP and the customer is intimate and built on massive trust. - you are giving them the keys to your kingdom LP have violated this trust BIG TIME. Sure it's good software, but they sold for $125m and there are 30 staff. I think they're getting paid ;)

The tech is easy-peasy. The IT infrastructure is simple (stick on AWS if you want). Keeping up with the browser integrations takes time (and IIRC they've just dropped a few). But rocket science, it ain't. Sales, marketing and trust are what builds such a company, not tech. And right now LogMeIn have failed on all 3.

You buy a car for $50,000. Next year it's $100,000 for the same car, same spec - nothing's changed. Still a happy, loyal customer. QED. LP have loyal customers and brand value - probably zero intellectual property. This is business 101 on how to overpay for a company and then screw over the customers that helped build it.

I've got 6 months free Families to decide what do to. In that time maybe the company will pay its customer a little more respect. [/rant over]
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Doubled price for Premium

Postby roggeberg739 » Fri Oct 20, 2017 1:08 am

I have had the Premium Lastpass for 5 yers now, but this yer you more than doubled the price from $12 to $30 and even thow i like LP very much i wont continue for another yer.
Thank you for this time. :(
Roger Berg
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Re: Price double for Premium users

Postby ihartley » Fri Oct 20, 2017 9:41 am

Well it's $24 not $30 (if it's more in Sweden that's probably Sweden's fault... I think??).

Roger's post should be a wake-up call for LP. Happy customer, probably has more than $24 in his bank account. Maybe even $24 is a reasonable price?? But its the way that it was done/hidden is a kick in the teeth for customers that made it a $125m company.

I would urge LP to take a pause. And then reinstate $12 (or a hike to $15) price to every premium customer that subscribed before the price hike, and to honour that for the term the customer continues to subscribe. Any future price hike should only be in line with increases to the new pricing.

My phone must be broken. No-one has called me yet to offer me the job of "Head of Marketing".... Will it really take two quarters of sales figures to realise the huge mistake LP have made???? What percentage of LP users access the forum?? 0.xxxx% . And how many users will downgrade to "free" when they see the 100% price increase???

And who would trust a company with their most valuable online secrets when the service is being funded by advertisers....
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Re: Price double for Premium users

Postby terrynewton606 » Fri Oct 20, 2017 4:58 pm

Received an email today informing me of the outrageous 100% price increase. I've cancelled my sub & will try the free version. If it's not up to scratch I'll move elsewhere. I's suffer a 5-10% price hike, but 100% is taking the p1ss. I won't pay it on principle. Nice one LastPass, you've lost a previously happy punter.
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