Icon display works backwards

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Re: Icon display works backwards

Postby StanS » Sun May 01, 2016 8:25 pm

I also choose to use the padlock icons to show what state or mode LastPass is in.
It shows a red(?) "closed" padlock icon when I'm signed in and a dark colored "open" icon when I'm not signed in.

When I glance up there and see the closed padlock, I assume LastPass is locked and I'm not signed in. When I'm signed in, the padlock should be open, and maybe green - but I'm also somewhat colorblind so I tend to focus on if the padlock is open or closed. Photoshop says the unlocked icon is RGB 59, 74, 84, ( ██ ), which my wife (who is NOT colorblind) says she thinks is "some kind of weird green."

Someone here suggested that:
. . . Unlocked = LastPass is not operating; your passwords and data may not be safe
. . . Locked = You're logged into LastPass and it's at work, so your data is secure,
. . . . ...but I do not agree with that. LastPass should always be at work keeping your data is secure.

I did not have this issue before a recent upgrade. I'm sure it used to show a "closed" padlock icon when I was NOT signed in and an "open" padlock when I was signed in.

btw, unless they're right next to each other, these two colors look somewhat similar to me, ██████.
(As I mentioned, I am somewhat colorblind, but I keep a Color Picker available that IDs colors in RGB and HTML.)

Lets get those icons back so they make sense!

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Why is the lock icon reversed?

Postby Mischa1 » Thu Nov 17, 2016 11:52 am

The latest version of lastpass shows the red (locked lock) icon when you are logged in. The yellow (unlocked) lock shows when you are logged out. Shouldn't this be the other way round? I remember that it was in previous versions. :?:

Performance is much improved in FF with e10s compatibility. :)
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LastPass Chrome plugin Icons

Postby TemptingMongoose » Wed Nov 08, 2017 3:08 am


was just wondering if someone responsible for the icon variations of the Chrome plugin could swap the lock icons around... Does not feel in any way logical to have the lock "locked" when the user is logged in to LastPass and unlocked ie. open when logged OUT of the LastPass.... I have noticed this from the day I started using the plugin (1.5 years ago), and It's just getting annoying when you have to remember that the icon you are seeing on the toolbar of the Chrome is not really representing what you think it is...
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LastPass browser extension padlock icons inverted

Postby justas » Thu Nov 01, 2018 5:04 am


Have LastPass display icons that match the state of the LastPass Vault (locked vs unlocked)

Not working

The padlock icons are displayed in an inverted order

Steps to reproduce

1. install the LastPass browser extension (tested w/ Vivaldi and Chrome latest versions)
2. change your LastPass settings to use the padlock icon type
3. restart the browser for the changes to take effect
4. note the locked state icon
5. unlock your vault and note the unlocked state icon

Expected results

Locked padlock when the vault is locked
Unlocked padlock when the vault is unlocked

Actual results

Unlocked padlock when the vault is locked
Locked padlock when the vault is unlocked
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