LastPass 4.0 Is Here

What do you love about LastPass? What do you hate about it? Tell us why you like it, why you don't, and why.

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Re: LastPass 4.0 Is Here

Postby quantenreader » Tue Jun 20, 2017 4:27 am

I used to love lastpass too. For years I was using it and recommended it to friends and colleagues.

Now I consider it dead. Firefox slows down to a crawl, when lastpass is enabled, when disabled all runs like a charm. So I disabled a lot of features: icons in form fields, marking form fields and the like, so most daily work can be done without big performance impact. But when it comes to form filling, Firefox slows down again for several minutes, producing 100% CPU load for the whole time span and stalling the browsers reactivity.

By the way, the new UI is bulky and clumsy, give me back that lean good old functional interface, going out of my way during my daily work.

If I cannot revert to an older functioning version of lastpass, I have to put it to the trash, as I have to do my job and cannot wait for the CPU eating pecularities of a formerly good password manager that is now featured to death by fancy design and bad programming techniques. It shall manage password input for me, not do visual satisfaction of brain and eyes. That's a job the tool did formerly well and simple. Return to your old values of version 3!
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Re: LastPass 4.0 Is Here

Postby lanetplus507 » Wed Jun 21, 2017 4:19 am

I've been using Lastpass since the beginning... (paid user) But I can't stand the new look and all the downgrades you guy made to the system....
It's so much worse than any previous version... :roll:
Please listen to your users here... We are the ones getting you guys more users... Buy not anymore...
If you guys don't bring back the UI to something like the ver3, I'll be canceling my renewal and will be looking elsewhere for a password manager (1password, keeper, dashlane...)
I've been waiting for a long time, for you guys to do something about the problems everyone on this feedback forum is complaining about...

I'm not waiting any longer, do something, or you will loose my clients, family and friends as well as myself, as your customer...
(I'm an IT with over 25 years of experience, and I installed the lastpass plug-in on over 1000 computers over the years...)
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Re: LastPass 4.0 Is Here

Postby glynor » Mon Jun 26, 2017 9:17 am

I must say... I'm also one of the long-paying unhappy users. I've given the new version quite some time to get better and I haven't seen many functional improvements. Like many of the other users who posted in this thread, I'm not a huge fan of the visual redesign, but that isn't my primary concern. My primary concern is that the v4.0+ changes have made LastPass very difficult to use and in some cases, has caused me to get locked out of my own accounts (in one case requiring phone calls to re-set). My primary concerns are:

* It basically never properly saves generated passwords anymore. In older versions, it was pretty much impossible to screw this up, because it automatically saved the generated passwords to your vault and you could go back to them if you needed one.

* It seems to hardly ever properly detect new sites when you login for the first time anymore. The old UI was easy to use for this, if maybe a bit over aggressive. The new one isn't as "in your face" certainly, because it just never appears. I've had to manually add pretty much every site I need to use anymore.

* In Safari it does not work at all for sites that use standard authorization (with a popup username/password field). I have to manually copy/paste these out of my vault.

* The new Site Updating mechanism is completely useless for corporate LAN sites and other places where I have multiple different passwords for different subdomains, and is even very difficult to use for sites (like Apple or Google, for example) where I have just a handful of separate accounts.

Please, please make some kind of statement about when improvements on these items can be expected. I am strongly considering moving to a different solution, and from the responses in this thread, it appears I'm not alone.
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Re: LastPass 4.0 Is Here

Postby usernamesarestupid » Fri Oct 13, 2017 4:21 pm

I have to agree that version 4.0 is a real disappointment. It worked fine before and now it is slow and harder to use. Also noticed several bugs in the Firefox extension that are driving me crazy. Sites not being saved despite explicitly pressing the save button. Manually entered sites not saving. Auto-fills not working, and the toolbar menu not displaying sub-menus. I think i'm almost done with Lastpass after a good long haul. They need to fix it and then keep their hands off of it. Constantly changing the UI is not an improvement.
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