pocket lp peculiar interface

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pocket lp peculiar interface

Postby User2 » Wed Sep 17, 2008 1:34 pm

I think that the usb drive version has some problemetic areas with its interface..
For one there are 6 "Copy the X" buttons with uninductive icons, if at all you want to create special controls for such actions
it will be more intuitive to have a "Copy to" somthing and have the user select what (checkboxes for multi?).
I think that having an "Edit" or "View" associated with the password entry and letting the user select whatever values he wants (using the mouse, like the website) would be better.
The inc search is great! perhaps highlight the found match string though (and prefer site name matches in ranking)?
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Re: pocket lp peculiar interface

Postby sameer » Wed Sep 17, 2008 4:49 pm

Hi User2,

there are 6 "Copy the X" buttons with uninductive icons

Yes...we've used some generic icons that aren't perfect, but hopefully
good enough for beta. At some point we might solicit the community
to come up with icons/skins. Incidentally, we would hope that people
don't use the icons (or Edit menuitem entries) to perform a copy.
Instead, there are two much easier ways we've hooked up:
1) left double click - double clicking on the entry in question will copy it
2) hot keys - eg: Ctrl U to copy the url to the clipboard, etc.

The one thing that the toolbuttons/menutiem copy buttons and hot keys can do
that the left double click can't is copy multiple items at once.
eg: selecting 3 of your sites and then click the "Copy Username" button will copy all 3 of them

create special controls for such actions

Yes...but then it get complicated.
We'de have to add checkboxes and have to open up a new dialog asking exactly
what items the user wants copied - which is more intuitive for a new user, but
a painful extra step after you've used it for a couple days.
As the product evolves, we'll look to make things better...somehow.
Given what has been said above, if you have any other UI ideas, we'de be interested to hear them.

perhaps highlight the found match string though?

I guess we could add a preference to either "filter" or "highlight" with default being to filter.
Will add that to our TODO list for pocket.

(and prefer site name matches in ranking)?

When you type something, we show all items that have a case insensitive match
with any of their fields (group, name, url, notes, etc..)
We currently dont "rank" anything...we just pull all matching entries
and then show them in the list sorted according to the current sort column
selection. Showing them in a different order would mean mucking up our
column sort...unless we added another "Rank" column - which would
probably go over very well...
I guess a way for people to distinguish which column had the match
would also be useful...

Thanks for the feedback!
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Re: pocket lp peculiar interface

Postby h0pc » Wed Sep 17, 2008 11:56 pm

Regarding the search: I'd love to see the ability to have fuzzy matching (I think that's the right terminology). For example, if I'm searching for my password for http://forums.lastpass.com, if I type any combination of letters that is in the right order, it will find it. So, if I type FLP, it would bring up the forums.lastpass.com as well as funnylosersparty.com (made that one up, wonder if it's a real site?) or anything else that has the sequence of f-l-p.

A great example of this type of search in practice is a program called dash command (trydash.com) if my explanation has been too poor to follow.

Putting this better search into the toolbar of the add-on and on the website would also be great.
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Re: pocket lp peculiar interface

Postby compris » Thu Sep 18, 2008 12:17 am

I am new to LastPass and I like it a whole lot. The problems for me are that I can't find any instruction on how to use it. I also downloaded the Pocket thing and after clicking on it, it seemed to install on my desktop computer. I think it was supposed to be installed on my USB Drive but I don't know just how that is supposed to happen? The other thing is that clicking on the help files just seems to pull up a email address. I created a profile but I don't remember how I did that, there does not seem to be a "Create or Profiles button" on the LastPass web site or the Project thing? I seem to be able to create groups only when editing an already existing site or when adding a new site manually. What I don't like is that I can't seem to figure out if it is possible to click on a folder/groups view or to be able to create groups and sub groups and then add sites to them. I am using Windows XP Pro with Safari Browser because it works faster for me than firefox and IE but trying to figure out what can be done with LastPass and Safari can be little daunting. All in all I find it, LastPass an invaluable aid, it is just a struggle to try and figure out how the different features are suppose to work.
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Re: pocket lp peculiar interface

Postby User2 » Thu Sep 18, 2008 1:01 pm

Yea, what i meant is that the match in the filtering results would be highlighted.
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