Autologin functionality a bit confusing

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Autologin functionality a bit confusing

Postby gizmo78 » Fri Sep 05, 2008 4:52 pm

Hi guys, love the product.

One thing I have found not totally straight-forward on the usability side is the 'autologin' button. When I navigate to a site I have stored a username/pwd for Lastpass fills in the username/password info. So far so good. But then the 'autologin' button appears -- whose only functionality appears to be submitting the username/pwd.

What I kind of expected to happen was for it to submit the username/pwd, then whenever I came back to the site just do it automatically. Sort of like how when I navigate to a site using the LP favorites it automatically logs me in.

I personally would like a preference somewhere where I could specify for a site that when I navigate to it (not using LP's favorites) LP automatically logs me in.

It's a picky / subtle difference…but I would rather stick to managing my bookmarks / favorites via the browser I am in rather than building a 'parallel' favorites lists in LP. If I want to maintain auto-login / submit functionality it appears I can't do that.

(BTW if you're wondering why anyone would want this, it's more for my father than I. He is disabled and navigates the web with just a mouse from his la-z-boy. Keeping the favorites structure he is used to, and having auto login/submit is ideal for him.)

Keep up the good work…this product is kickin' a$$ for such a new product. If you are the first to comprehensively solve the password management problem (and you're closer than anyone I've seen) you'll be bazillionaires. ;)
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