Never got notice my XMarks would disappear

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Never got notice my XMarks would disappear

Postby preternat » Sat Jun 30, 2018 4:10 pm

Since I don't delete most email, I searched my gmail for the notice that supposedly got sent out about XMarks shutting down. No notice found via text search, so I also checked more closely around the dates other people say they go the notice... nada. Don't tell me this is a spam problem, because if this is gmail's fault, you guys should have known to inform me another way, like when I login in to LastPass.

Now my older bookmarks are just GONE, unless I can resurrected them from an older computer that I might be able to fix... that's my only option now, right? You guys have dropped WAY down in my book of likeable companies! Is this LogMeIn that's choosing an opportunistic, care-less approach?

Please pardon me, and I thank you if you have an actual solution handy to get a copy of my XMarks bookmarks back.
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Re: Never got notice my XMarks would disappear

Postby jpenny84 » Sun Jul 01, 2018 12:00 am

They sent the final notification on April 24th. Google purges spam folders after 30 days, so it would be long gone if the messages were incorrectly flagged as spam, and you are just looking for them now. No matter how many channels a company uses to inform their customers that a service is being terminated, that message will never reach 100% of the affected user base.
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