It's Official - XMarks Will Be Shut Down on May 1st

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Re: It's Official - XMarks Will Be Shut Down on May 1st

Postby GoSlow2GoFast » Thu May 03, 2018 3:40 pm

npayne Wrote:Whoa, this is bad news. I use xmarks all of the time, mostly for work, but also personally.

Has anyone heard of EverSync? I did some googling and it might be a decent alternative.

I've seen quite a bit of discussion about this on other sites, and many alternatives mentioned. Take a look at a few of these, or find others with Google, you'll get some ideas on alternatives...

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Re: It's Official - XMarks Will Be Shut Down on May 1st

Postby relay12 » Fri May 04, 2018 3:45 am

puppylove Wrote:
exekutive368 Wrote:
puppylove Wrote:I just switched to icloud bookmarks... I have about 2000 bookmarks and they synced between FF, Chrome, IE ...t the folders and their contents seem to be correct everywhere so far.

How do you sync your Firefox bookmarks to iCloud?

This should help, the FF section is further down. I have it on the 3 browsers plus iphone and so far it's been excellent

Thanks for the tip. Does it maintain the order of bookmarks you have on your bookmark toolbar ?
Does it support bookmark tags I think they only apply to Firefox to Firefox syncing ?
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Re: It's Official - XMarks Will Be Shut Down on May 1st

Postby angelthaliel » Fri May 04, 2018 7:40 am

A new addon named syncmarx recently appeared on the amo site. It currently works with dropbox only, but more options will be added according to the developer.
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Re: It's Official - XMarks Will Be Shut Down on May 1st

Postby nemesis666first788 » Fri May 11, 2018 3:31 am

Plus, syncmarx seems to have a "profile" manager, I will test it.

But now I need something to sync the Chrome BM as Windows files :o .

EDIT : Oooooooookay, so, the Profile manager is only like the Account Login of Chrome, so : Zero Interrest... For now.


Eversync IE sync dont work on any of my 3 computers (errors messages everytimes), and even dont want downloading when I'm at work (behind a proxy...)...

EDIT : It seems it worked on one of my computer (but It shows errors, but it worked !).


Eversync have a "Private" section, but it's not a "Profile" thing, and it cant be downloaded... Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh !!!!!!!!! >< !!!!!!
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Re: It's Official - XMarks Will Be Shut Down on May 1st

Postby redleader527 » Wed May 16, 2018 8:36 pm

I too am deeply disappointed that Lastpass is abandoning Xmarks. They've taken the domain down without leaving a note or anything. I wish they would make the code open source for someone to pick up on.

There's always Roboform, which I was using before Lastpass. They claim to sync passwords AND bookmarks. Though I don't recall how good their bookmark service is. Does anyone have any experience with them?
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Re: It's Official - XMarks Will Be Shut Down on May 1st

Postby tastytofu » Sat May 19, 2018 9:30 am

jboyer853 Wrote:I also have been a xmarks user since the beginning. I have tried a bunch of options now and settled on bookmacster from sheep systems. Jerry the developer has been very helpful and fast to respond to my questions. This is a mac tool only though but is working great for me syncing 3 browsers between to macs and actually works with icloud bookmark sync so now my IOS devices actually have bookmarks for a change. For my windows vms and work machine I am using the icloud bookmarks plugin.

I have cancelled my renewal also and am migrating to "1" password solution that offers much more than lastpass as well.

Thanks very much for the recommendation of BookMacster, jboyer853. For Mac users, this seems to be the best solution by far. I have been using this for over a week now to keep bookmarks in sync between Safari, Firefox and Chrome across two Macs. It has worked perfectly. I tried several of the other solutions suggested here but wasn't really impressed by any of them, as they didn't do what Xmarks used to do.

BookMacster imports your bookmarks from one of your browsers and creates its own master database, which it then keeps in sync with each browser. If you have multiple Macs you can locate the database in a folder that's synced to a cloud service - I've put mine in my DropBox folder so it then syncs the bookmarks across both my Macs. So it provides the same functions as Xmarks used to for me. It can, in theory, sync open tabs between the same browsers on multiple machines (eg Safari to Safari, Firefox to Firefox, etc), but I haven't tried that feature.

BookMacster can also find and eliminate duplicate bookmarks and verify whether each of your bookmarks is still valid - after running both of these processes I have slimmed down my huge bookmarks library considerably.

The app is being actively maintained with bug fixes and enhancements, and is reasonably priced at a one-off USD22.95, rather than the monthly/annual fees of some other products.

I have only one complaint: it's not very intuitive to set up and the documentation was clearly written by an engineer! As a result the app is very flexible and powerful, but I suspect many users will struggle to figure out how to get it working properly. With a UI makeover and a good setup wizard, it would be a brilliant app for absolutely anyone. It's a real shame it doesn't have a higher profile - I've not seen it reviewed anywhere (there's a Vietnamese review referenced on its web site). It definitely deserves to be more popular and I will definitely be recommending it to colleagues, friends and family, but I may need to help them to configure it. Once that's done, it works like a dream.

(and yes, I won't be using LastPass again. I'm also on 1Password now)
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