How do I choose which "direction" the sync goes?

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How do I choose which "direction" the sync goes?

Postby gasmar23 » Mon Jan 22, 2018 6:38 pm


Im new to Xmarks. I have always used Google Chrome Bookmark Manager, but after experiencing sync issues, I cannot trust that service for sync-purposes. That is why Im now using Xmarks.

I use Google Chrome as my browser, and when I add bookmarks I use the browsers "add"-feature. I also like to edit my bookmarks in the browsers native bookmark manager. I havent found any service which gives me better organisation opportunities for 4000 bookmarks, with heavy folder-paths (many subfolders etc.).

The reason why I am switching to Xmarks for sync-purpose is: I use a PC (windows) at work, and a Mac-laptop at home. Changes made at work is not reflected at home.

So: I am interested in knowing how to make sure that...

1) When I go to work, I want my last changes in the native chrome bookmark manager on my private Mac to be uploaded to Xmarks.
2) When I arrive at work, I want my Xmarks to be downloaded to my Chrome-client, so that I can continue editing from there.
3) When I go home from work, I want my chrome client to upload to Xmarks.
4) When I arrive at home, I want my Xmarks to be downloaded to Chrome, to continue my work.

PS: I have turned off chrome sync when it comes to bookmarks on my Mac-client. I dont know if this also will make my work-PC turn off syn for bookmarks when I log into chrome there (i have to log in every day before using the work-PC).

I am now at my private Mac. My fear is that when I come to work, and log into my PC, the "old" bookmark-system on the native chrome-client (after I have logged in) will "destroy" my last edited Xmarks-system. I dont want that to happen.

I noticed when I first downloaded the xmarks-extension, one could choose which direction the sync was going. But syncing the first time, this option is not available.

Any thoughts?

I just want my bookmarks to be the same on different units - on work and at home. Im so tired of editing-work being undone because of sync-failing. So many hours down the drain.
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