Total disregard for XMARKS customers...DASHLANE here I come

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Total disregard for XMARKS customers...DASHLANE here I come

Postby Duder2020 » Sat Nov 18, 2017 7:59 am

By no means do I think this was a coincidence. I strongly suspect LastPass is using the new Firefox as a way out of continuing to provide Xmarks as a service. It likely doesn't gain them any new clients or make them money. Fine.

But the complete and total lack of respect for the customer base is what has been so infuriating. No word, comment and assistance from LP about this entire Xmarks debacle. Post after post in here, of customers trying to figure this problem out, helping each other, without so much as a decent honest word from the company. So much pain and grief from the many loyal customers that love this product met with only the most blase' attitude from the company. "We got your F U!" seems to be the protocol.

One has to wonder about the future of LP and what the attitude will be from corp HQ and what level of customer service will be available if things go weird. I mean, we're not talking about bookmarks...we're talking a database of personal info, records and passwords. I can't afford shenanigans or a company that ignores the obvious pain and torment of it's customers.
My subscription renewed so I've got about 9 months or so, but I'm already checking out and using DASHLANE password manager on another PC. Pound for pound, it seems equally good, if not better than LP so far. Even if it's not as good, I plan on eventually migrating data and switching over. I just cannot tolerate being treated like I do not matter.

I'm down right disgusted and I won't recommend and refer any new friends or clients.
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