Where are my Tags???

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Re: Where are my Tags???

Postby ordnung » Sun Nov 12, 2017 7:09 pm

stroke Wrote:I 've been using FF for more than a decade, and one of the things I use/love the most is the awesome bar and bookmarks tagging. I've lost all my bookmarks tags. What next FF?

The most likely way this will go is that tags are in the API in FF58, or I hope that at least. Problem is, will xmarks care? Future will tell. One thing that might make this take longer is because some plugins today do advanced search on tags and they want that too. I hope FF start with just letting you create/update/get including tags as a first step.
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Re: Where are my Tags???

Postby ordnung » Thu Nov 16, 2017 7:16 am

Just an update. I have gone back all the way to FF452 ESR and xmarks 4.4.1. This only to get my tags back. FF57 looked great when I tried it. Fast and everything. But bookmarks was not what it used to be. My current workflow is quite dependent on tags, and xmarks was to keep multiple machines up to date. Now lets see how FF progress.
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Re: Where are my Tags???

Postby ricardo281 » Thu Nov 30, 2017 1:33 pm

ordnung Wrote:
ordnung Wrote:Why does they not list what is working or not?? Should be very easy, since it is not like it is 100 features.

I will try do some tests on my FF56/xmarks 4.5 on linux. Because tags are still there. But I have not tested if it really syncs in between.

Instead of testing I looked at WebExtension API which will be the only supported plugin API in FF from version 57. Tags are note supported. But there are some noise in the community that this is a feature that make them use FF, even if Mozilla seem to not think tags are important. So in response to some bug report about this somebody is writing some code for FF to show that this is important. Hopefully this will make it into FF fast, and that xmarks implements it really fast. At the moment I stopped using bookmarks cause this is not working. And it has limit my normal use of FF. In worst case I will downgrade FF and use an older version of xmarks until this is solved.

Note: since xmarks corrupted my bookmarks both on server an the computer I restored a backup at xmarks, but of course without tags. I have not managed to export from xmarks with tags to somehow import into FF.

I restored my bookmarks some time ago by going to an older version of firefox and xmarks plugin to download them after restoring from a backup on the xmarks site. I was then able to export my bookmarks from there and then import them into a new firefox 57 install. Even this last step turned out to be problematic (sometimes a backup or exported json wouldn't work).

Since getting this up and running again I've disabled xmarks and have been using firefox's native bookmark sync which seems to work pretty well and continues to preserve tags.

It's a shame to see tag support is not in the latest API and suggests that Mozilla has joined the rest of the world in deciding that tags aren't important. Along with better plugin support, bookmark tag support is the reason I stuck with firefox even when Chrome was looking like a better browser overall. I had hoped that Google would eventually add tag support. After all, they forced it on to GMail. But then appeared to abandon it since it never appeared in any other product. I had hoped maybe Microsoft Edge would include tag support, but it barely supports bookmarks. I find tags incredibly useful. I use them for bookmarks in firefox and notes in Evernote. If Mozilla's decided tags are unimportant, I fear they may disappear entirely in a future version and I'm starting to wonder how I should change my habits to live without them. Is pages supposed to be the modern version of bookmarks?
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