Status of LastPass and Xmarks relationship?

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Status of LastPass and Xmarks relationship?

Postby rel » Wed Sep 20, 2017 5:22 pm

The following is the content of a support ticket I submitted to LastPass support. Maybe there are not enough Xmarks users out there to justify maintaining Xmarks. I haven't seen any inquiries about what happens to it now that LastPass is being priced separately, and doubled. I for one, make good use of it as I maintain Seven networked PCs with a houseful of users. I'm always skipping from one to another and having the same set of bookmarks is a great help.

Anyone else with the same concerns? Have I missed an existing thread?

What is the status of LastPass and Xmarks relationship?

Now that LastPass is doubling it's price for Premium membership there is no indication that Xmarks can be be bundled with LastPass.

1. Are the two being separated into standalone products?

2. What is the pricing schedule for Xmarks going to be?

3. Is Xmarks going to continue to exist?

4. Is Xmarks going to be sold as appears not to fit LogMeIns current capabilities?
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Re: Status of LastPass and Xmarks relationship?

Postby ricardo281 » Thu Oct 12, 2017 5:41 pm

I just got a renewal invoice for my LastPass/Xmarks Combo Premium subscription, so it appears to still exist as a combo (at least for those of us who already have it, I don't know if they've removed the option to buy a new combo). I was charged $32 this year, compared to $20 last year, so it looks like they just included the Lastpass premium price increase into the combo.

Last time I inquired in a support ticket they told me that they plan to maintain the lastpass extension but currently have no future plans to add new features. The fact that there is a beta extension for firefox that is based on webextension and should therefore be 57+ compatible gives me hope that they aren't just abandoning it yet. I presume, on the other hand, there will never be an Edge extension or new features.

In truth, it works pretty well in firefox, so I'm okay continuing to pay for now. I prefer it to firefox's native sync in that you can have different profiles so you can customize for different computers/browsers. Other than that I suppose the native firefox sync is good enough that it could probably replace xmarks in most respects. I don't use the cross-browser capability because firefox is the only browser I know of that supports bookmark tags (one of the several reasons I'm still using firefox) and I don't trust that syncing on other browsers won't muck up my tags. But it is nice to be able to go the the xmarks website to search for a bookmarks if I'm on a different platform. I'd love to see an extended chrome extension with tag support (since Google will never add this feature) but that would require a level of development that LastPass is clearly not interested in doing at this point.
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Re: Status of LastPass and Xmarks relationship?

Postby skikt22 » Sun Oct 15, 2017 7:54 pm

My experience ;lately is that if you have the combo Lastpass will just keep charging you for it. I had the combo and then went with enterprise to get shared folders, Lastpass still charged me for the combo even though I had upgraded. Never did get a intelligible response from Lastpass. I just dumped enterprise and will go to Families maybe if it ever becomes real, but I will not pay Lastpass any more money until they update their software and will challenge their credit card charges as I have told them to remove my cards from thier records. I doubt if they have but we shall see.

Just went to Firefox sync so I at least have my current bookmarks saved as this company cannot be rusted given their performance lately. They had months to prepare for ios 11 and di nothing as far as I can tell. Now they are milking laspass for as much as they can get.

Not a happy customer. I'm spending more time on issues than it would take me to manually sync my data using dropbox or a private secure share......
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Re: Status of LastPass and Xmarks relationship?

Postby sinclair » Mon Nov 13, 2017 5:33 am

It is somehow annoying how the communication with the existing customers went. Just an information like this:

"We are sorry, the LastPass & Xmarks Premium Combo bundle is no longer being offered."

without any try of obligingness...

There is not an advise how solution for existing premium bundle customers handle this change. Just prolongue your LastPass Premium account and if you find it usefull also your xMarks Premium for almost the double amount for the same product and service. If someone thinks, that it is not worth to inform their existing customers about their plan to quit an existing subscription and let them without an alternative, it is an act of ignorance to your customer loyalty!

The increase of the yearly subscriptions is not an amount that would make me rich or poor but I am missing the recognitation to your existing customers and a clear roadmap where the journey should go and how are you going to increase the existing functionalities of both products LastPass and xMarks.
They are so many questions about the future of both products LastPass and xMarks, that I tend rather have a look on alternative solutions.

I suppose many of you share my concerns.
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