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Automatic sync

Postby klint » Fri Jun 09, 2017 5:43 am

It seems that Xmarks on Chrome (when set to sync automatically, i.e. the default behaviour) does not sync frequently enough. I've often used my PC at home, changed some bookmarks during my session, and then eventually turned off the PC and went to work. At work, my altered bookmarks were not there. Xmarks on the home PC failed to sync. When I then go home in the evening, Xmarks would eventually sync and I would see the changes at work the next day. How do I get Xmarks to sync more frequently?

I think a good scheme for automatic synchronization is:

- synchronize 30 seconds after the last change of bookmarks (i.e. adding/deletion/update). If another bookmark change occurs within the 30 seconds, then reset the 30-second timer.

- synchronize when the Chrome application is exited.
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