synch bug with chrome bookmark manager, or...?

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synch bug with chrome bookmark manager, or...?

Postby fuel677 » Sat May 20, 2017 11:59 am

I use Chrome (58 stable) across platforms, and XMarks to synch my bookmarks. I regularly use my Chrome BMgr view to navigate folders and bookmarks, and tend to leave one primary folder open.

problem: If I close the BMgr and leave Chrome open, when I return to BMgr, there is always 1 "default" folder that has established itself as open and at the top of the browsing column. What could be the cause of this?

[list=]My chrome bookmark synch has been deactivated across all platforms for a long while now, as it conflicts with XMarks.
I've cleared my cache a number of times.
I've quit/re-opened on a regualr basis.[/list]
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Re: synch bug with chrome bookmark manager, or...?

Postby openfreesyndicate620 » Sat May 27, 2017 6:36 am

I have a problem that partly touches this one:
I use Xmarks&LastPass on all my browsers at home and office, MS-Windows Vista Business 32 (office), 10 PRO 64 and Linux Mint 64 (17.3 and 18.1).
Problems occur solely whenever I use chrome or any chrome/ium-based browser!
In fact, when syncing bookmarks, several files at the "Other bookmarks" section are partly duplicated; the most annoying feature of this duplication is that bookmarks in the duplicated files are at times divided among the two file-copies, leaving no chance of just deleting an empty file-copy...!
May I point out that no problems occur when I use Firefox-Mozilla devs (palemoon, watefox).
I noticed that one of the "weird file copies" is always the one existing in chrome-devs but not in Firefox-ones: the "Other bookmarks"-file.
Any ideas anyone?
Xmarks&LastPass please respond!
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