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Xmarks causing unwanted website behavior

Postby Draccy » Thu Feb 26, 2015 1:42 pm


Many colleges subscribe to research databases from a company called EBSCO. I'm a librarian who teaches students to use EBSCO databases every day. I've found that when I have Xmarks turned on in Firefox, it interferes with the EBSCO search screen. They have an autosuggest feature much like Google, where suggested search terms drop down as you type. But when Xmarks is turned on, somehow it acts as though I've clicked on the autosuggested term even though I haven't. So as soon as I type a search word, my incomplete search is launched and I'm taken to the search results page. Since it's a subscription product, I can't list steps where you can reproduce this, but I could make a short screencast video to show what happens, if that would be helpful. Maybe it would be possible to work with EBSCO to fix this?
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