LastPass Autofill and Browser Extension

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LastPass Autofill and Browser Extension

Postby bryan660 » Tue Mar 17, 2020 9:08 am

My LastPass has worked fine for as long as I've had it and then this week when I logged in it stopped working correctly.
The Problems are:
- When I log in on the browser extension, I can no longer access any features. ie. I click the red icon which normally drops down a little menu of different things I can do, I click the little red icon and nothing happens
- Whenever I launch a website none of the credentials will prefill and I don't even get the grey box that shows that I have possible accounts. Even when I right-click to autofill with LastPass, that doesn't work
- The only way I can use last pass now is to bring up the password vault on my browser to then copy and paste usernames into the correct boxes
I tried changing browsers but the problem still persists.
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Re: LastPass Autofill and Browser Extension

Postby fchamberlain752 » Mon Mar 23, 2020 5:03 pm

Appears this has been a consistent issue off and on throughout the past few years.

I have one PC that this occurs on (just starting using this PC)... and it does it for BOTH FF and Chrome.

Uninstall, reinstall doesn't help. It works for the new sign-in, but once logged out, and logging back in, it fails. It's like the DB is getting corrupted. Clearing out the DB file works.

I have the full installer (including binary) installed. Since I have LP extension as a required extension in Google Suite Chrome extensions management required, to do a full uninstall, I have to disable this requirement. But alas, doing this, installing, and re-enabling the requirement, I still end up with the damn problem.

What a pain! This is basic stuff that needs to be reliable. Getting pretty damn upset with LP over the last few months of terrible application deployment.
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