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LastPass Enterprise w AD Federation

PostPosted: Wed Jul 03, 2019 1:41 am
by Georgianna024
We just started using LastPass Enterprise where I work, and I have my RDM credential repositories set with one that points to my personal LastPass vault, and my team's KeepPass password vault that we had been using to share passwords. Now that we're on LastPass Enterprise, we're moving the passwords over there from KeePass. The problem with this for me is that we also use AD Federation for logging in to our LastPass accounts, and that doesn't seem to let me add our new shared repository into RDM.

I put in a support ticket, and I was asked if I could login to my LastPass account in the web to get to my vault, and I could use this in integrated mode in RDM for a credential repository. Unfortunately, it looks like I'm unable to login this way.

I'm pretty bummed that I can't connect to LastPass now this way. Is this something that can be fixed in a future version?