LastPass forcing me to use 2FA on personal account

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LastPass forcing me to use 2FA on personal account

Postby flyingkiwi » Wed Jun 26, 2019 4:48 pm

I have a personal account and one given to me by my workplace.
I linked my personal account in my work one so I can still use those passwords when I'm working.
Later on, I enabled two-factor authentication for my work account.

Now, LastPass is forcing me to use 2FA tokens to log in to my personal account! I'm logging in to my personal account directly, even on computers where I have never used my work account before.
If I go into the settings for my personal account, all the 2FA options are still "disabled" (I use Google Authenticator for my work account)

How do I enable 2FA for just my work account, and not my personal one?
Are any other settings blatantly copied from the work account to the linked personal account without telling me? Or vice versa?
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Re: LastPass forcing me to use 2FA on personal account

Postby lr153 » Tue Jul 02, 2019 2:11 pm

Hey @flyingkiwi - not sure if this is the answer but for LP Enterprise there is an admin policy called "Utilize parent's multifactor for linked personal account if none". Here's the description:

"If this policy is in place, and a user's linked personal account doesn't have a multifactor authentication option enabled, the parent account's multifactor authentication option will be used instead."

It's a default policy so perhaps your workplace enabled that policy?

Hope this helps
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