No security score available (Shared Folders)

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No security score available (Shared Folders)

Postby aperry708 » Wed Feb 06, 2019 4:02 pm

I am trying to get a security score on some of our Shared Folders, however I can't seam to be able to get it.

I am the Admin Console, I click on the Shared Folders menu on the left side of the screen, I click on a shared folder and menu pops then I click on security score and I get this message

"No security score available"
"This folder has no security score because it has no users and/or sites. Add users and sites to the folder, then check back here for the score."

This shared folder has users and sites in it. I can see them in the other tabs Users and Sites.
This is happening on all of my Shared Folders.

Any ideas? I have tried this on Google Chrome and in Firefox.
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