Other Enterprise admins using DUO - experience

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Other Enterprise admins using DUO - experience

Postby cbowers572 » Mon Dec 03, 2018 6:38 pm

We recently transitioned to using DUO 2FA from a mix of Yubikey and Lastpass Authenticator.
That's all fine for the end users.
But we're seeing something odd in the Admin console (LP).
It seems like a session cookie expires after about ~3 minutes.
If you're searching a log, or updating something in the admin console, and you're idle for too many minutes (less than 5), you see another DUO 2FA prompt.
You can check the box in lastpass/DUO to remember me (our policy only allows an hour).
This doesn't help however.
You still see the Lastpass 2FA window come up after that short time-out, it's just that it comes up and then goes away without a prompt.

However you lose what you were working on and get dumped back at the top of the admin console.
If you were refining a log search, you lose where you were. If you were saving an SSO setup record and hit save, the save isn't kept.

Are others seeing that?
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