Lastpass Teams - remove user and transfer the shared data

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Lastpass Teams - remove user and transfer the shared data

Postby sirkubax » Tue Aug 28, 2018 11:00 am


We are using Lastpass Teams (not this account), and we have recently deleted a user.
It turned out that the credentials that have been shared by that user are gone.

What is the best way to 'transfer' the ownership or 'preserve' the data shared by the soon-to-be-deleted account?
How could we transfer it without logging into that account (please correct me, but afair - there is not way in Teams for the Admin to reset the user master-password right?).
As the times go, we would face more problems like that, and just a part of our shares is exchanged via shared-folders.

What is the best practice for our case?

Also - does teams licencing policy works the same as in Enterprise - meaning that deactivated account does not consume the licence?
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Re: Lastpass Teams - remove user and transfer the shared dat

Postby davidshq » Sun Dec 30, 2018 10:46 pm

Wondering if you ever found a solution to this? This is my biggest complaint about LastPass at this time. This can be a problem not only when deleting users but also say if an IT support person creates and shares a login with a staff member and then doesn't want to retain the account...when they delete it it will also disappear from the staff member's account.
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