Multiple Logins same URL reverting to one specific login

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Multiple Logins same URL reverting to one specific login

Postby david0 » Tue Jul 18, 2017 4:51 pm

I am having trouble with Multiple users of the same website logging in as only one user. Another words, User A logs in to a website in the vault with their user/pass combo set up through lastpass. User B, tries to log in and it reverts to user A login credentials. No matter if you use the gray dropdown it always reverts to one specific login credential when it should log in the users credentials. Different users with different logins, different computers, all set up under lastpass in a shared folder. Pulling whats left of my hair out trying to figure out how to correct or fix it. We are an insurance agency with three locations. All locations call into one phone system where any CSR can service the policy. But we have to login based on location of the policy. The need for muliple logins per location. Any ideas?
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