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Lasspass needs a PHONE NUMBER for their PAYING CUSTOMERS!

PostPosted: Mon Apr 04, 2016 12:48 pm
by ScottMilella
I am very DISGUSTED with LassPass, we are having a problem with LassPass enterprise using the Shared Folders not sharing the way the rest of the entire software universe does and we have submitted multiple tickets for help with a product we are PAYING MONEY FOR and there is NO PHONE NUMBER we can call for support. We called all phone numbers that we COULD find for LassPass but everyone was completely un-informed on how to get a hold of anyone at the division we need help from. I think that you not having a support phone number for your PAYING customers is a GREAT WAY to show your customers you don't care about them AT ALL. We have 1 ticket submitted for a week now and it hasn't even been looked at yet. I submitted another one today since our original one wasn't cared about at all. I then tried to find a phone number to call you at for support since your ticketing system doesn't work and I was absolutely DISGUSTED to find you don't have one. Please resolve this ASAP and please start RESPONDING TO YOUR HELP TICKETS! If that is the only method you are going to give your PAYING CUSTOMERS to use then you should at least do your job. I understand not having staff to support FREE customers but we are NOT FREE CUSTOMERS we are paying customers and nearly ALL of your competitors DO HAVE phone numbers that can be called. IF this isn't resolved ASAP we will be going to a competitor and I will start sharing this information with others.

I hope we hear form you sooner that a WEEK!!

Very unhappy with LassPass


Re: how do i reach support or does lastpass have support?

PostPosted: Mon Apr 04, 2016 12:51 pm
by ScottMilella
This is not acceptable to ANY ENTERPRISE CUSTOMERS TO NOT HAVE A PHONE NUMBER, what is WRONG with LassPass? are you from another planet? Paying customers are ENTITLED to having a support phone number because you guys don't respond to your support tickets at ALL!

How to get shared folders to function like SHARED FOLDERS

PostPosted: Mon Apr 04, 2016 1:08 pm
by ScottMilella
Well since I am a paying customer of Enterprise LassPass and they don't care enough about my business to provide me a paying customer with a support phone number AND since I submitted multiple tickets with NO RESPONSE I am going to try the Forums so that maybe I can get an answer from someone that maybe DOES care which is Certainly not LassPass Inc.. Also if you guys don't change this absurd policy of NOT having support phone numbers for paying customers I will take my business elsewhere you are not that good and your competitors DO HAVE support phone numbers to call. This product was already in place when I took over the IT for our company but I DO NOT have to leave it with LassPass.

My question is this; we have setup multiple shared folders and what we want is the ability for each member who is part of that shared for to be able to modify a note or a site and have all of the members who are sharing it be able to see it. So for example we have a Dell Sonic Wall in another City I have updated the password in the site but I am the only person who can see this change, even though it is in a shared folder and even though we all have admin rights to it no matter what we do the other people can not see the change which makes it pretty useless. I tried to submit tickets on this that were ignored, I tired to find a phone number to get help with this and that was a joke as I found out LassPass doesn't care about their customers enough to provide a USA Human Being or even an employee from ANY COUNTRY we are not even good enough for outsourcing. Please respond back and tell us the following:
1: How can we get support in under a week for a product we are PAYING FOR, this isn't a charity we are paying a good amount for the supposed ENTERPRISE PRODUCT.
2: Provide us a phone number or an email address for someone that can HELP US with this issue.
3: Let us know WHEN LassPass is going to start either responding to their tickets in a timely manner like 24 hours or heck even 48 hours might be ok, but over a week and no response for a product we are paying for is UNACCEPTABLE!

Please get back to us ASAP.
Your very unhappy and VERY disappointed PAYING ENTERPRISE CUSTOMER...


Re: How to get shared folders to function like SHARED FOLDER

PostPosted: Mon Apr 04, 2016 1:34 pm
by jpenny84
Maybe they already responded to your support request. Here is how you can view your past tickets: