Left Enterprise Account and my personal data is gone. Help!

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Left Enterprise Account and my personal data is gone. Help!

Postby iam463 » Sat Jan 23, 2016 2:06 am


I've been working for a company as a DevOps and it was me who has proposed the LP as a credential storage for the company business, so we joined the LP (10+ people) and started using paid Enterprise Account. Since I've been using it before as a free user, I've joined my personal account to the Enterprise then my email which was registered within LP (i.e. name01@domain.com) was switched from personal email address for the work one (i.e. employee@company.com). But recently it happened to me to change the work, so I logged into the LP then switched my work email (employee@company.com) back to one of my private email addresses ( i.e. newname02@domain.com) in order to be able to disconnect then take away my personal part of the LP vault. Today I've been handing over my access/passwords/keys and the documentation to a new DevOps/employee. Then at the end I've asked him to remove my account from the Last Pass Enterprise. While being in process or removal LP asked us something like "Do you want to delete the shared data from user account" - or something like this. So we assumed it has to do something with the Enterprise data which I don't need anymore, because I've never shared my personal LP data with anybody. There were two options (radio buttons) to choose, so we've answered positively. When I got home tonight then opened my LP vault I've discovered a bad suprise -- almost all my personal data or at least 90% of it, my passwords and secure notes, even those which had nothing to do with the Enterprise - is GONE !! I don't know how was it possible to design the LP plugin logic and interface such a bad way that two SysAdmins/DevOps (10+ yrs of experience each) were having hard times to understand what this software going to do with user data.
I doubt if the Enterprise account Super Admin can help me to restore my data. Logically there is no way my personal data can be kept stored in the Enterprise account DB. So I hope the LP support must be able to help me. I just hope the LP does have data backups from past days? Currently being disconnected from my ex-employer I'm a free user and don't wan't to pay to become Premuim until my data will be fully restored. Please help me, let me know contact information of technical suport who can solve my problem.

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Re: Left Enterprise Account and my personal data is gone. He

Postby AyaLP » Mon Mar 07, 2016 12:19 pm

Please open a support ticket if you haven't already - https://lastpass.com/supportticket.php?lpnorefresh=1

We need to dig deeper than whats possible via this public forum.
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