Multiple n00bie questions

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Multiple n00bie questions

Postby WSmith84 » Mon Dec 21, 2015 11:18 am

New LastPass user so please be gentle. I did spend a couple hours browsing the manuals, but I still have some thoughts and questions.

Thanks in advance for your help.

1) Using Pocket

-- Does Pocket load (regardless of source) and hold? That is, does it actually import, or simply read+update the other file?

-- Also, if we have, say, more than one LP encrypted export (from different clients or freelancers), is it possible to swap them in to Pocket (one at a time) as needed?

--Would it make sense to keep a text-based backup as well, using something like this:

-- Note: The general concerns are having a backup outside standard LP, as well as being able to use the LP vault(s) even when offline. I believe I saw complains about LP losing vaults. For us, this isn't a complaint, but a fact. Tech sometimes fails. We simply want to be as smart as possible upfront about workflow and M&Ps.

2)YubiKey and Pocket

-- Does Pocket use YubiKey if the source LP account does?

-- Does anyone have experience with YubiKey? Either with LP or not? For example, Google 2-step verification can use YubiKey. We're just wondering how much extra effort it is.

3) Sharing to those outside the enterprise

What are the best practices and recommendations for sharing with non-employees (e.g., clients)?

4)Random strings vs pass-phrases

LP and others recommend pass-phrases, yet the LP PW generator genrates random strings, not actual word-bases phrases. This feels confusing. Comments?

5) Portable

Portable will or will not work offline?

6) Downloading the LastPass Enterprise Client Software

Is this necessary? Can a small-ish org be managed via the web-based interface? What are the advantages of using the enterprise client software?

7) Complaint and LastPassPocket page:

It says: "Click ‘Download’ to install the application on your computer. You can then drag and drop the file onto a USB memory stick, where it can be accessed on any computer with a USB port."

But you don't actually want to install, correct? This is download to a folder and then move that folder or just file to a USB. The .exe will run from there, correct? It doesn't need to be formally installed on the client, correct?

If so, then "...o install the..." should probably be reworded, eh?


Again, thanks in advance. We're anxious to get going with LastPast. It should in theory remove plenty of friction. We just want to know sooner rather than learn the hard way later. :D
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