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Shared folders security score problem?

PostPosted: Wed Feb 11, 2015 3:42 pm
by harris775
I was checking through the admin console today. It surprised me when I was looking at the shared folders page that the security scores for every one of them is now about 50-80%. A day or two ago they were mostly in the 10-40% range. It seems highly unlikely that everyone decided to make their folders more secure all on the same day.
Digging a little deeper, it shows that there are still a ton of duplicate passwords that people are using in most of the folders. One folder has 67 duplicate passwords, 10 weak ones, 1 blank one, and a total folder score of 77.5%. What's up with that?
It seems like it must be some glitch that is reporting an inaccurate security score for the folders. Anyone else notice this?

Re: Shared folders security score problem?

PostPosted: Sun Mar 01, 2015 6:20 pm
by shanedk
I just noticed the same thing on my security score. It says I have 88 sites with duplicate passwords and it's giving me lower scores for them (50% for two equivalent domains, 33% for three, etc.), but all of them are ones I have set equivalent domains for and shouldn't be counted against me.

Looks like a bug they need to fix.

Re: Shared folders security score problem?

PostPosted: Mon Apr 06, 2015 10:02 pm
by teddy89ploth268
Hi all...Thanks in advance for your help.

I'm trying to set up windows file and print sharing on my ibc windows 7 pc. I can see my xp shares from win 7 but I can't see win 7 from my xp box.

Both boxes are on the same workgroup. The win 7 box does not show up in the network neighborhood. I can ping buy ip address and name both ways. I've made sure that network discovery is on and password protection is off.

When I try to share the folder the shared icon ibc does not appear by the folder. I set the share and premissions.

Please Help!