How Security options in LastPass on iOS seem to work

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How Security options in LastPass on iOS seem to work

Postby luuk1982 » Thu Jan 31, 2019 4:32 pm

I've just been trying to figure out the security options of the LastPass app. I'm using iOS 12.1.3 and LastPass app 4.4.9. I feel the documentation on the pages below is insufficient, so I just wanted to share what I've figured out.

There seem to be two "levels of protection", with several options belonging to them: locking and login. All options apply both to using the app "directly", and by accessing the app "indirectly" by using AutoFill in Safari.

Options w.r.t. locking (secures the app)
- Lock Options: Time after which the app will lock when unused. You can choose to unlock by "Use Touch ID" or "Use LastPass Pin Code". If you choose neither, unlocking requires entering the masterpassword. (This is different from login, which also requires the username.)
- Use Touch ID: Enable to use fingerprint to unlock.
- Use LastPass Pin Code: Enable to use 6-digit Pin Code to unlock.

Note that enabling "Password Autofill" in "Settings - Touch ID & Passcode" only applies to Apple's built-in AutoFill. The options above are basically the LastPass implementation of the same feature.

Options w.r.t. login with username/masterpassword (secures the account)
- Auto Logout: Time after which you will be required to login again after your last login.
- Log Out On Close: Enable to require login when the LastPass app is really closed (not running in background).

Other options
- Skip reprompt after login: On individual vault entries you can enable "require reprompt" as an extra safety measure. This will require you to provide your username/masterpassword when accessing these entries. With this setting you can change the time after which this is required after logging in. (Without this option, accessing such an extra protected vault entry would require you to provide your username/masterpassword twice within seconds.)
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