LastPass Secuirty Comfort Amidst Serious Trojans

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LastPass Secuirty Comfort Amidst Serious Trojans

Postby JJ74 » Tue Apr 11, 2017 8:46 pm

Dear LastPass,

Your service has certainly changed my online life. I only know 1 password and nothing is ever typed. I wanted to understand if I am safe and secure under these scenarios:

1. The device I am using is infected by a Trojan that can monitor (and communicate to the bad guys) my keystrokes. Given that I never actually type my banking or any other PassWord, can the LastPass auto-fill (or the occasional copy and paste) be compromised by such a Trojan (or a virus)?

2. If an invasion such as the one described in 1. above was to be present, would it compromise my master password if LassPass asked me to re-enter it (or I logged out) or I find my self on a new device which may already be compromised (e.g. airport lounge)?

You answers would be appreciated as would be any steps so that this eventuality will not affect me.

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