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Re: Can't post new topic

PostPosted: Wed May 21, 2014 10:11 pm
by mkupper
Lars Wrote:Not sure how and what you search for, but this question has been asked many times, and answered equally many. It's there.

Thank you for the reply Lars. I has searched for "Can't post new topic" and the answer I got was "A quick search on the Forum would've answered your question." :)

I still can't create a new topic in the "General Support & Troubleshooting" forum which seems to be the one that best fits the issue I wanted to report. Apparently there's something magical about that specific forum. Before I could not post new topics to any of them and so the trick enabling new-topic rights for those is to get moderator-approved for at least one reply to a random post.

What do I need to search for to discover how to post to "General Support & Troubleshooting"?

A search for "General Support & Troubleshooting" shows 28 hits. The following are all from people are unable to post to "General Support & Troubleshooting". The issue of being unable to post is never answered.

At least I learned this issue has gone on since at least Feb 03, 2014. I also learned that if I post to a forum other than "General Support & Troubleshooting" that Lars may move the topic/post into "General Support & Troubleshooting." I'll give that a try.

Re: Can't post new topic

PostPosted: Sat Sep 28, 2019 12:21 pm
by vmi60
You say it has been answered many times and it is there. Just where is it? I'm new and can't find it. I've visited all the self help sites but can't get my question answered. Not sure why it is so difficult to qualify to post a question but it doesn't seem very user friendly for newbies. I belong to a computer club with 943 members. We are trying to get educated on LastPass and a question was posed I couldn't answer. My question is: If I create a document and put it in "Notes" can I add a photo to that document?

Thanks for listening.