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Re: Can't post new topic

Postby mkupper » Wed May 21, 2014 10:11 pm

Lars Wrote:Not sure how and what you search for, but this question has been asked many times, and answered equally many. It's there.

Thank you for the reply Lars. I has searched for "Can't post new topic" and the answer I got was "A quick search on the Forum would've answered your question." :)

I still can't create a new topic in the "General Support & Troubleshooting" forum which seems to be the one that best fits the issue I wanted to report. Apparently there's something magical about that specific forum. Before I could not post new topics to any of them and so the trick enabling new-topic rights for those is to get moderator-approved for at least one reply to a random post.

What do I need to search for to discover how to post to "General Support & Troubleshooting"?

A search for "General Support & Troubleshooting" shows 28 hits. The following are all from people are unable to post to "General Support & Troubleshooting". The issue of being unable to post is never answered.

At least I learned this issue has gone on since at least Feb 03, 2014. I also learned that if I post to a forum other than "General Support & Troubleshooting" that Lars may move the topic/post into "General Support & Troubleshooting." I'll give that a try.
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